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    Fetching Images is located in Greenville, SC with periodic service to the Houston, TX area.

    I have had a camera of one type or another in my hands since I was 8. I have had pets in my life since I was born. I've decided that photography and pets are a match made in Heaven, and it is my desire to produce images that will make every proud pet owner or animal lover drool, run around in circles, howl at the moon, or purr at ear-shattering decibel levels. I enjoy photographing just about everything, but I love working with animals, creating works of art that preserve their unique personalities for years to come.

    I currently live and work in Greenville, SC with my husband and our dogs. After 4 years in Abu Dhabi, UAE and 3 years in Houston, TX we returned to Greenville in 2012 and feel fortunate to reside in such a beautiful part of the world. I have the extreme pleasure of working a job I love by day and fighting at night for a corner of a king size bed which is somehow dominated by two Shih Tzu. My travels have led me to amazing parts of the world and, likewise, to some pretty amazing people. This good fortune of meeting and working with great people...and their pets...has continued with each move. You can see more of my work in Life + Dog Magazine and on Facebook. For you tweeters, follow along on Twitter. Thank you for stopping by. Mel Hammonds

    Photo courtesy of Renee Carolla Photography, Greenville, SC

Berkley: A Survivor



I was hired to photograph Berkley as a surprise gift for his mom’s 5oth birthday. I literally showed up an hour or so before the party after she was dressed and ready to go. Unfortunately, she had to reapply some makeup afterwards because she so loved her husband’s gift of a photo shoot that she started crying. These are the types of experiences that reinforce my love for my job.

And because it was a party, it was necessary to don the appropriate attire. Even though it was a party for his mom, Berkley seemed to know that he would be the true center of attention.

Probably one of the reasons Berkley’s mom had such an emotional reaction is that she almost lost this little man several years ago.  Remember the tainted food tragedy in 2007 ….the food contaminated with melamine?  Berkley was a victim and nearly died.  Sadly he lost 2 of his dog siblings because all 3 of them became gravely ill; and against the odds, Berkley pulled through. He is their survivor, and that is truly a reason to celebrate.

Below are a few more images from Berkley’s shoot:

Berkley’s story serves as a great reminder to us all to be mindful of what we feed our pets.  It’s important to read labels and to stay up to date regarding food and treat recalls. Currently there is a huge suspicion that chicken jerky treats from a variety of manufacturers (primarily in China or that have these treats made in China) are causing illness and in some cases, death.  You can find out more about pet food safety at www.fda.gov/AnimalVeterinary.


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Yetta: Full of Surprises



In the midst of spring travels I received an email from a prospective client about a new arrival to her family and a request for a photo session if all went as planned…..a surprise shoot for a special someone in her life. I was delighted when I got the exciting news as puppy shoots are some of the most fun for me personally. You just never know what you’re going to get.  The calm face above that fit into her momma’s hand lasted only a few moments until Yetta got pretty comfortable with the Strange Lady with a Camera.

First, she had to show me one of her favorite toys and give me the “I dare you to try to take it away” look…..

……followed by a jaunt through the house…….

She slowed down briefly to allow one quick closeup on the couch:

I soon found myself in a situation which I’d never experienced. Like I said, with puppies, you never know what is going to happen next.

What to do when an American Bulldog puppy has wrapped your pant leg around your ankle and won’t let go? Contort into whatever position it takes to make a picture!

Then it was time to go out for a potty break…..no surprise there:  puppies need lots of those!

This little one was feeling pretty comfortable on her turf already and was extremely playful and happy.

And if you’ve been following me for awhile, you know that I have a thing for cute doggy bottoms….

Yetta enjoyed being outside with new territory to explore but soon began to wind down…..

We headed back inside to cool down, and I was hoping for the opportunity to capture some sleeping puppy pictures. Like newborn babies…..there’s something so precious and innocent about them when they are sleeping….

And yes, that dog face on the bed was a total coincidence!

She played hard, and she slept hard….and we just couldn’t help but have a little fun…..

Shhhhhhhhhh, she’s still sleeping…..

I hated to go, but I left our session at this point. She didn’t even stir when I gathered my gear and treats, but I had no doubt that she would be awake soon…..and full of more surprises.  Thank you, Julie and Jason for allowing me the opportunity to capture such a special time in your little one’s life.


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Love is in Full Bloom with Daisy



I recently had the pleasure of photographing Daisy, an adorable Schnauzer Mix puppy who was adopted by her mom from Pup Squad Animal Rescue. Daisy’s disposition is, at the very least, engaging. Personable, spunky, sweet, loving…oh, the list goes on and on! It’s no wonder that she is the apple of her mom’s eye and that these two have begun a wonderful journey together. Here are some of my favorite images from our shoot.

One of Daisy’s lounging spots at home….she’s wasted no time getting comfortable in her new home:

And outside she came alive and happily romped through her surroundings…..



Her friend, Dixie, came out for awhile and managed a Photo Bomb appearance….

Then it was time to rest for a bit and restock the puppy energy for the next round.

Nothing like a great love story and happy endings, and in this case, beginnings! Many thanks to Jessica and Daisy for a great session and best wishes for a long, long life together!

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Bunny: Bearly A Dog



As a photographer specializing in pet portraiture, I love my job more than I can possibly express.  But there are times when a heavy heart is unavoidable, and today is one such occasion. I just learned of Bunny’s passing yesterday after months of fighting Canine Cancer. Her family contacted me several months ago after learning of her condition so that we could capture their special bond.  My heart goes out to her family, and I invite you to have a look at some of the images from the shoot and hug your own pups a little tighter.  And while Bunny’s time on this earth could not have been long enough, I am glad that we can celebrate her life through pictures.

Bunny’s family gave her the nickname “Bear” early on in life, and they took it a step further by describing her as “Bearly a Dog.”  She’s much more human than dog and has been an integral part of their lives for a little more than 9 years.

When we met earlier this year for the photo shoot, it became obvious very quickly how much Bunny was adored and how greatly these feelings were reciprocated.

Thank you, Chelsea and Sheryl, for entrusting me to capture lasting memories of Bunny and for giving me the privilege of working with such a sweet and gentle soul. Despite the difficulty of having to say goodbye to her, I know that you are focused on how your lives are fuller for having had Bunny in them.  We are all enriched from the love of a dog, especially those that are “bearly” dogs.

Chelsea and Sheryl agreed on their favorite image of the shoot, so I will leave you with that…..


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